Quality Management System

Our Quality Standards

Quality is a system oriented to customer satisfaction. In order to achieve this aim Mon Plast adopted POC – Customer Oriented Process – in order to be able to identify and meet the needs of the customer.


Corporate Quality mission

In order to better manage the Customer Oriented process Mon Plast has developed a Quality Management System (QMS), through which it collects and records data and information on incoming materials, the necessary sequences and interactions between the processes and final information to ensure the desired results. From the collection of the data is possible to evaluate the critical points of each process. For the realization of continuous improvement all the people working in the company are involved.


The Quality Management

The management participates in the development, implementation and improvement of our quality management system in a tangible way:

  • establishes our quality policy;
  • documents and communicates the importance of achieving and exceeding all applicable requirements, including the health and safety of workers, the demands of customers, the regulations through continuous improvement of our processes;
  • ensures that our policy is understood, implemented and maintained by all staff through regular reviews on the state and improvement goals;
  • communicates and explains the objectives during information meetings, training and review with staff.

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